It’s a nervous time for a developer waiting for a review of their app to arrive.  Especially when it's your first review. And at last, the wait is over!

Waiting For Reviews

It’s a very nervous time for a developer waiting for a review of their app to arrive.  Especially when it’s your first review. Of your first app.

Multiply that by as large a number you can think of and you might be starting to get somewhere close to the level of excitement that runs alongside this nervousness. The excitement comes from the fact that we feel that we have done a pretty good job of “I Don’t Like Spiders, They Walk On The Sky” our debut title at Touchscreen Tales.

We kept telling ourselves that we’ve mainly got five star reviews in the App Store and they’ve been backed up by comments that make us feel flushed with pride when we read them. Everyone we show it to and share it with enjoys it, so it will be ok… won’t it?

Of course then you doubt yourself again for a moment because this is the first time you’ve had a professional review and these people really know what they are talking about.  So you try to reassure yourself, after all we know the vast amount of time and energy we’ve put into this.  No-one can be more critical of what we have created than we have been ourselves along the way, can they?

So it will be ok.  Probably.

And so while the nail biting and the constant checking of mailbox continues we started work on the next update.  We throw in some new features and email the reviewer saying we’ve got some more really exciting bits on the way. Then we tell ourselves that we can relax now because not only are they seeing how great the app is now but that we also stive for it to be even more brilliant.

So we can definitely relax now.

Except we can’t.

And finally it arrives and we review our review. And it’s ok.  In fact it’s better than ok!

And we read it again, this time allowing ourselves to breathe at the same time and we find out that it tells us the effort we put in was worthwhile! And all that concentrating on making the little people who tap their little fingers have big smiles has paid off because the big people like it too.

The comments, the praise and the suggestions inspire us to continue and make it even better. Thank you to the wonderful iMums for being the first to review us and letting us know what we are doing is ok. You can read their review in full here.

Every review we have received since then gives us the same reassuring buzz, but you always remember your first time.

And now those updates have gone live and, guess what? We are working on the next set of updates of course. If you would like to check out what grown ups and little ones are telling us is a great little app delivering giggles and gasps there are links to your friendly neighbourhood App Store here.

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