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It would be fair to say that we have been promising audio narration of “I Don’t Like Spiders, They Walk On The Sky” (our beloved first kids book app!) for a little while now. And I suppose you’re wondering why we hadn’t dropped that particular update a little quicker, aren’t you?

Well it’s pretty simple actually – the reason we’ve been waiting to update the app was that we had been searching for the perfect voice. And, as it turns out, that’s just not as easy as you would imagine to find.  From our experience as parents and from talking to you we know only too well that if your narration is a pile of rancid jelly beans then it’ll ruin the app for you and the kids too. There’s nothing worse than listening to someone monotonously droning on and ruining a good story is there!?

And so after much searching we are absolutely delighted to say that star of radio Anna Foster is the official voice of our book app.  Anna has brought real energy and enthusiasm to the story to make it an even more exciting experience for the user.

Anna said: “This was so much fun! I was really able to release the inner actress in me. Kids are going to love this, I do but then I am a big kid at heart.”

Talking Books? Or Talking Book Apps?

As you can see from the photo at the top of the blog the two Adams (This Adam and That Adam) went along to Metro Radio in Newcastle where we met with Anna and recorded the whole lot in one sitting right there in her studio. Once we had the perfect performance This Adam (that’s me!) took the audio files back to Touchscreen Tales HQ and began to edit them down and place them into the app.

Of course the work didn’t end there… there was another audio part that had to be recorded! You see Anna Foster had provided a fantastic narration for the book, done fabulous Mummy and Daddy voices as well as an increasingly insane cockney spider but we wanted to blend that with another performer for the “spoken” parts of the story.

“What next, what next!?”

And so the next step was to persuade my daughter to perform the parts that were “spoken” in the text and blend it together seamlessly with Anna’s performance. Thankfully, and unlike her father, my daughter was a consummate professional and so the whole thing is now hatched, matched and despatched!

If you have already bought it then the update is already available to download for Android and Apple devices, if you haven’t click one of these buttons and grab it now!

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Of course, work doesn’t end for us here. We want to keep giving you more. And don’t worry, there will be even more treats on the way to keep those little fingers and big imaginations engaged. In the meantime – tell us what you think, we love to hear your feedback :)

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