Newbiggin Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch Arrives in Newbiggin

As keen followers of our work may know, I (that is This Adam, the writer and developer of our apps) live and work in Newbiggin by the Sea which is a small town way up in the top right corner of the country.

Newbiggin has been getting its fair share of exposure recently, firstly our super kids storybook app of course. Next there was the news that Mary Portas announced – Newbiggin’s high street would be receiving funding as well as her help to regenerate Doctor Who-style. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough excitement we found out that the carrier of the Olympic Torch would be passing through the town.

There was much excitement, with the anticipation building over the last couple of days and the children at the local school being allowed to see the Olympic Torch pass through Newbiggin before they went into school. Of course, this being Northumberland in June, we woke this morning to rain.

Proper sideways Northumberland coastal it-may-be-summer-where-you-are-but-up-here-it’s-winter RAIN. Initially the thought did cross my mind that, since the torch was passing by our front door we could watch from the house but as the time ticked on we saw more and more people braving the weather to see this once-in-a-lifetime occurrance – a cold looking man with a firestick running away from us!

“Come back!” we shouted.  “It’s COLD! AND RAINING!”

Not really… instead, as you can see from the photos, we put on our raincoats and joined the other folks outside to wave our jubilee flags and see the Olympic Torch relay up close and personal. And wet of course. Poor lad looked soaked through. Just as well he had his firestick is all I can say.

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