And so our first kids book app launches (nearly)

It all seemed weirdly prosaic actually.  After ten months, eleven thousand lines of code and more coffee than it was thought possible to consume our first kids book app ‘I Don’t Like Spiders, They Walk On They Sky’ was finally finished, tested and ready for the iPad version 1.0 to be submitted to Apple.  It was yesterday, actually, the day of the 2012 Budget and George Osborne (loath him or love him) and amongst all the other flotsam and jetsam there are all these nuggets of potential plopping out of the television.

So it looks like we chose the right day to be pre-launching our first app with all these commitments to software developers and animators (since clearly we are both!). Fast forward 24 hours and we are starting the process of becoming a limited company but, hang on, I didn’t manage to submit the app to Apple yesterday…

And no, it’s not because there’s some strange conspiracy against companies making apps for kids… although it gives me pleasure to think of a rabid Apple employee stalking their headquarters’ hallways screaming there are children here somewhere… I can smell them… like a digital child-catcher.  No, the reality was much more mundane that we needed to submit our app to Apple on a Mac.  And there wasn’t one in the office.

So this evening we will be sending our efforts to them using a Mac we built from some rolled up copies of Mac User from 1988, two balloons and a bit of wire we found lying behind a filing cabinet.  Then we take the app, wrap it in cling film, shove it in an envelope with a label that says ‘Dear Apple, This is our first kids book app.  We hope you like it. Lots of love, Touchscreen Tales.’

Hope they like it.

Hope you do too.

If you can’t wait to find out more about it you can head over to our Facebook page where I’ve posted some screenshots from the iPad version, you can follow us on the Twitter machine or you can sign up to our mailing list in the right hand column of this very website.

I strongly suggest you do. I would if I was you.

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