Do We Build Educational Apps?

We strongly believe that if a child can read then they can use that to do just about anything. With that in mind is encouraging a love of reading the most important lesson for any child?  At Touchscreen Tales we wanted to make an educational app for our kids. An app to educate them in what a fantastic place a story can be and how reading can fuel their imagination and open that world up to them.

In making “I Don’t Like Spiders” we set out for it to be one of the most engaging journeys of original story there is on the market. From your feedback we’re well on the way to doing this. We did this because not because we want to somehow replace real paper books but because we want to encourage reading and show kids how much fun it is to do. Making reading an adventure for little fingers and big imaginations by throwing in a good measure of giggles and the occasional gasp is just the icing we put on our story cake!

We believe in educational apps. Our own children play with and learn from educational apps and websites and we are even in the middle of building one ourselves. But if every time a child picked up a book it was because they had to learn something would stories soon stop being such a fun thing to enjoy? Education has an important and very necessary place for part of a child’s life, but should it be all of it?

You May Say We’re Dreamers… But We’re Not The Only Ones…

One of the best websites for kids is undoubtedly the CBeebies website and in their grown-ups section they make it very clear their position:

“Everything on CBeebies is made with learning in mind. While your little one is playing, they are learning and having fun at the same time.”

Because Educational Apps Don’t Have To Be The iPad Equivalent of 100 Lines For Children!

Recently it was widely reported that the author of  the Horrible Histories series of books Terry Deary told the London Evening Standard: “I shudder when I hear my books are used” in schools throughout the land! And this from a man who has sold over 25 million copies of his books and encouraged innumerable children to pick up books for the first time.

Terry Deary strongly believes that being forced to read can put children off stories (although as he notes on his own website he is also campaigning for all schools to be closed down and the children set free!) and for us the educational value of “I Don’t Like Spiders” is to learn to love books and stories and to want to explore the different places they can take your imagination.  With any luck they will want to tell someone else this story, read another one or maybe even tell one themselves.

And if that doesn’t do it we’ve got a whole shed full of stealth-learning that we are getting ready to include in future updates. We could tell you about them but… well… where’s the fun in that? You’ll just have to stay tuned and find out what we’ve got waiting for you.

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